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PERFECT FIT AND COMFORT: Good quality leather is a very flexible and elastic material, which adapts to the shape of the foot. Feet swell during the day and shoes made of this material adjust without causing discomfort.

THEY ALLOW YOUR FOOT TO BREATHEBeing a natural material, one of its characteristics is porosity, which causes the foot to sweat less (unlike synthetic materials). This not only promotes comfort, but also good hygiene.

SHOES LAST LONGER: Natural leather is a much more durable material than synthetic leather; so buying shoes made of this material is a long-term investment. It does not crack or break easily. It is easier to clean and protect. You just have to follow the instructions to clean natural leather shoes and give them the proper treatment.

THEY ARE THE BEST QUALITY AND ALWAYS FASHIONABLE: Unlike shoes made of other materials, genuine leather shoes are always in fashion and elegant.

Our mission is to be an environmentally responsible company, so all the leather we use is a by-product of the meat industry. In this way, we avoid wasting the skin of an animal; on the contrary, we give it an artistic and long-lasting use.

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