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Terms and Conditions

You are hereby informed that the sole use of the website “” owned by Alejandra Gallo Puente (hereinafter also referred to as “Kavelina”), grants you and whoever uses it, the status of user (hereinafter “User” or “Users”) and implies the full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the conditions included in these Terms and Conditions of Use. At the very moment in which you, as a User, access the site “” which is property of Alejandra Gallo Puente, you, as a User, are accepting the terms and conditions contained in the Adhesion Contract linked below and, consequently, declare and record your express acceptance to this, in accordance with the provisions of articles 1803, 1832 and 1834 Bis of the Federal Civil Code and its correlatives of the Civil Codes of all the federal entities of Mexico, 80, 81, 89 and other relative and applicable Code of Commerce and any other applicable legal provisions of Mexico, so if you, as a User, do not accept the terms and conditions contained herein, you must refrain from using and viewing Kavelina.

Any modification to these terms and conditions of use will be made by Kavelina when it deems it necessary or convenient, with the User being responsible for knowing such modifications, which will be published at all times on the Kavelina site.

Through the site, Users are provided with various information on the products and services that are offered to the general public on this site, to be acquired by Users upon compliance with the requirements established by Kavelina that are indicated. below and in accordance with the adhesion agreement linked below. It is stated that all products and services offered on the website are directed only to Users with full capacity and legitimacy to be bound in terms of the applicable legal provisions.


In accordance with the following Terms:

FIRST. License. In this act, the Owner grants and grants to any person (hereinafter the “User”) who enters the website (hereinafter “” or “Kavelina”) the non-exclusive right , revocable and non-transferable to access, browse and use the website in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. The User may only print and/or copy any information obtained from the site exclusively for personal use, and may not use it for commercial purposes at any time and under any circumstances; being in accordance with the provisions of article 148, section IV of the Federal Copyright Law. The reprinting, distribution, assignment, sublicense, publication, dissemination, sale, electronic reproduction or by any other means of any information that appears on the site, in whole or in part, for any use other than personal use, is expressly prohibited to the User, unless in each case the Owner has previously granted written authorization.

The Owner reserves the right to deny the service and access of Users to the site or deny or suspend shipments and cancel accounts or memberships when it considers that any act or conduct of the Users is contrary to the applicable legal provisions. or to the purposes or interests of Kavelina.

SECOND. Shopping; Orders. To make your online purchases from you must register your basic personal data that is required to be able to manage your purchases and send you promotions and offers if the User authorizes it, provide your email address and register a password. which will allow access when prior identification is required. You can unsubscribe from this service, whenever the user requests it, by clicking on the corresponding link.

The Users acknowledge that by providing the personal information required on the site, the Users grant, in a clear and indubitable manner, the authorization indicated in articles 109 and 110 of the Federal Law of the Right to Author. Likewise, by providing the User with said information and any other information, the User acknowledges that he or she has reviewed, understood and accepted the Privacy Notice contained on the site

In all cases, the Users will be solely responsible for the veracity of the information that they provide and register on the site, and the User may be requested at any time for documents that guarantee the authenticity of said information and its identity.

THIRD. Security. We offer our clients the highest level of security and protect the confidentiality of the data they provide us. For this reason, our commercial transactions are carried out through the PayPal and Stripe payment platforms, which help Users process payments securely with the Owner. To do this, the Owner has the maximum security measures commercially available in the sector. In addition, the payment process works on a secure server using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible to the User’s computer and that of the site In this way, by using the SSL protocol it is guaranteed that the User is communicating their data to the Owner’s server center and not to anyone else who tries to impersonate them. Between the User and the Owner’s server, the data is transmitted encrypted, preventing its possible reading or manipulation.

The Owner does not have access to confidential data in relation to the payment method used, and therefore does not store or retain it. The Owner ensures the confidentiality of the data provided by Users and guarantees that in no case will it be disclosed or transmitted to third parties other than the Owner.

FOURTH. Shopping; delivery. At the time you make your purchases through the Kavelina page. You will receive in the email you have registered, the status of your purchase, with the information of the company in charge of delivery to the address provided, and your shipping number or code, so that you can track your order.

The User must provide a correct and complete delivery address on business days and hours. The Owner will not be responsible for deliveries of goods if the address provided by the User has errors or inaccuracies.

The Owner processes purchase orders within a maximum period of 24 hours. The maximum period set for deliveries is 8 (eight) business days, counted from the confirmation that the Owner sends to the User by email of their purchase.

If the purchase order is not completed within said period due to lack of inventory or any other cause, the Owner may cancel the order without any responsibility, in which case the amount paid will be returned to the User in the same terms and manner in which it was received. Payment done.

The shipping costs of the merchandise that Users purchase on have a shipping cost to be covered by the Users, unless the User makes a purchase greater than the amount of $200 (two hundred dollars ) in which case shipping will be completely free. By placing an order and covering its cost, the User is accepting the payment of said shipping costs. The day after the order is sent, the Owner will inform the User by email confirming the departure of the merchandise. In the event that any problem arises with the delivery, the User must contact the transport company directly to resolve it. If at the time of delivery the User and/or recipient is absent, one more delivery attempt will be made in the following business days. If after the 2 delivery attempts it could not be carried out, the courier service will return the package to our address, or in some cases it will be held in its own warehouses in order to make a new delivery schedule. In this case, the User must contact the Owner for rescheduling, and the cost of this new delivery will be borne by the User.
If the reason why the delivery could not be made is the loss of the package, our shipping company will initiate an investigation and the User will be notified of the result of this.

In the event that the courier service does not cover home delivery to the post office box indicated by the User, the merchandise will have to be picked up at the closest office of the courier company. Delays in delivery will not be considered if the order was made available to the User by the transport company and could not be delivered for reasons attributable to the User.

The User must verify the good condition of the package before the carrier who, on behalf of the Owner, delivers the requested product, indicating on the delivery sheet any anomaly that may be detected in the packaging. If subsequently, once the purchased good has been reviewed, the User detects any incident in it, the User must notify Kavelina via e-mail within 72 hours following delivery.

FIFTH. Cancellation of orders. The Owner will accept the cancellation of orders as long as the necessary conditions are met (for example, manufacturing defects or shipping errors). Once the merchandise is received by the User, in the event that it presents any type of damage or anomaly, the User will have 15 calendar days from the day following the purchase confirmation, to notify the Owner of the reasons by email. of the intended return and, where appropriate, attaching the evidence that corroborates it, with the Owner having the same term to notify the User and to the same email, the origin or not of said return, as well as the procedure and term that must be observed, if such return is accepted.

Once the return has been made by the User, under the procedure and term informed by the Owner, the payment made will be refunded, under the same terms and manner in which the payment was made.

SIXTH. Electronic billing. If the User requires an invoice, they must (i) send an email to:, or (ii) request it by phone at: 5616560224, or (iii) request it from the page in the billing section ( Invoices can only be requested during the current month of purchase.

To issue the Invoice, the User must provide the name, address and RFC to which the invoice must be issued. The Owner will issue the invoice for the total of the goods covered by the sales receipt, except for purchases of gift certificates. change and/or extension in the description of the invoiced items or cancellation of invoices.

SEVENTH. WEB page information. All information and other data, advertising and opinions published on do not necessarily reflect the position of the Owner or its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, licensees and dealers (hereinafter the “Affiliates”); The Owner is not responsible for these. Therefore, it is understood by the User that the use of said information is at his own risk and responsibility, and the User releases the Owner and the Affiliates from all liability that may arise in this regard.

The Owner reserves the right to prevent access or remove, partially or totally, any information, communication or material that, in its sole judgment, may violate copyright, trademarks or any intellectual property right of a third party, or that is misleading, deceptive or fraudulent, abusive, defamatory or discriminatory.

The Owner reserves the right to delete or modify the content of the site that, in its opinion, does not comply with the Owner’s standards or that could be contrary to the law or morality or good customs or healthy commercial practices.

The User acknowledges that the Owner does not try to previously control or censor the content available on the site. All opinions, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content expressed or made available to the public by third parties belong to their respective author, so the Owner does not assume any responsibility for it nor guarantee its accuracy, veracity, breadth and/or usefulness of any content provided by such third parties. Additionally, the Owner is not responsible for nor guarantees the accuracy, completeness, veracity and/or reliability of any opinion, information, advice or statement provided by the Owner through its site, so the Owner does not assume any responsibility for the content. provided to the site by independent suppliers other than the Owner, nor will it be responsible for damages or losses caused by such reasons.

EIGHTH. Privacy and Database. All the Information obtained from the User (provided by the User himself) through the use of, will constitute a database (hereinafter the “Database”) property of the Owner, whose information will be stored for its security, protection and avoid its loss or improper use. In the event that the user decides to send Personal Information through the means provided for this purpose, the User, for the purposes of the provisions of article 76 bis of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, grants his or her express consent electronically, for the Owner to use, disseminate and/or transmit their information to third parties, without their prior consent. Likewise, for the purposes of the provisions of articles 16, 18 and 18 bis of the Federal Consumer Protection Law, the User grants his or her express consent and acceptance to receive information of a marketing or advertising nature or purpose.

The User authorizes the Owner, the suppliers and advisors and other third parties with whom the Owner contracts, to use the personal information and other information provided by the User.

NINETH. Industrial and Intellectual Property. The Owner is the legitimate owner and/or owner of the content, designs and source code of the site, including photographs, images, designs, brands, trade names, texts, logos, and data, which are protected by Mexican legislation on industrial and intellectual property. The copying or total or partial reproduction, adaptation, distribution, modification or exploitation of the website and its contents is expressly prohibited, unless there is prior written authorization from the Owner.

The Owner does not grant any implicit license or authorization on intellectual and/or industrial property rights or on any other right or property related, directly or indirectly, to the contents included on the Website.

The copyright on the content, magnetic or electronic transfers, digital conversion, images, applications and other information contained or published on, are duly protected in favor of the Owner, the Affiliates, suppliers and/or their respective owners, in accordance with applicable legislation. If any User considers that any of the contents of the site and/or any of its services violate intellectual or industrial property rights, they must send a notification to the email address in which indicate, at least: (a) your personal data (name, address, telephone number and email address); (b) a summary of the rights infringed; (c) data relating to the legal protection of said infringed rights. The Owner will carry out a study of said cases and take all necessary measures to remedy them, in the event that there is any violation of said rights.

TENTH. Denial of Guarantees. The User agrees that the use and access to the site is done at their own risk. The Owner does not guarantee that satisfies the User’s requirements, or that the services and goods offered on the site are at all times current, uninterrupted, secure or error-free. The Owner does not assume any responsibility for the way in which the User uses the information contained or published on or through the site The Owner does not accept any type of liability derived from the services and information contained or available on, or through,, including without limitation (a) the availability of access to the site, (b) any viruses or harmful or destructive materials, and (c) any other type of failure or error found on the site.

ELEVENTH. Illicit Sources; card theft. The User in this act recognizes and accepts that the use of other people’s credit cards, whether they have been reported stolen or not, and the use of the data contained therein, is not the responsibility of the Owner nor does he have the possibility of recognizing good or bad use thereof, so the Owner may not deny the sale of goods when the User’s data coincides with our records and when the charge to said credit cards is accepted by the issuing bank. Therefore, the User acknowledges that the Owner will not be liable for such concepts. The correct and secure use of the access code to the payment platforms, or the password and credit card number are completely under the responsibility of the User.

TWELFTH. Acquired goods. Any use of the goods and services acquired by the User on the site is the responsibility of the User, so the Owner will not be liable for any event derived from the misuse of the goods and services acquired on the site Once the goods are delivered to the User, the User will be solely responsible for their proper use.

THIRTEENTH. Cession of rights; Administration. The Owner may, at any time, totally or partially assign its rights and obligations derived from this Agreement and the rights that correspond to it on the site Likewise, the Owner may assign and share, totally or partially, its rights and obligations regarding the administration and management of the site or, even, divide or merge the site and/or its contents with other websites.

FOURTEENTH. Comprehensive agreement. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties, and replace any other agreement or agreement previously concluded between them. Any clause or provision established in this Agreement that is declared invalid by a competent authority will not affect the validity of the other clauses of this Agreement, which will remain in full force and effect in their terms.

FIFTEENTH. Security. The Owner is not responsible for User errors or negligence in the use of the site and does not cover losses caused by errors in data capture or use of the site or misuse of their passwords and data. The User is and will be solely responsible for the use of his or her computer and the navigation of sites other than

SIXTEENTH. Applicable law; jurisdiction. This Agreement will be governed by the applicable laws of Mexico. For the interpretation and compliance of this Agreement, the parties submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Mexico City, Mexico and in this act the parties renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.