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The name of our brand, KAVËLINA, is inspired by the word kävellä, which means to walk in Finnish, and symbolizes the path that today’s woman freely traces towards the future.

An innovative brand that reflects, with a unique style, the essence behind each woman. Our designs combine materials and accessories in a special way, accompanying you to build your own path.


We are a 100% artisanal Mexican brand, with an innovative, contemporary and high-quality concept in the field of fashion. Our main pillar is a vital accessory for any woman: shoes.

Our mission is to offer a new fashion concept that inspires as many women as possible to express their essence during their path through li


Being a company that is constantly evolving, providing innovative proposals and always seeking the total satisfaction of our customers; without ever losing sight of the values that guide us: honesty, quality and responsibility.

Our history

Ale Gallo is the designer and creator of KAVËLINA. Her great love for fashion, art and design has always motivated her to create innovative proposals that generate change for women. She began her career as a designer over 15 years ago, creating a line of necklaces and jewelry accessories. In 2020, her fascination with her shoes, and her vision of bringing to life a new design style that positively impacts women, gave rise to KAVËLINA. You too dare to be different.