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The path to your best version


In life, the path to your best version is a long road towards personal fulfillment, and as in all paths, you should not wait to reach your goal to obtain your reward; but you should enjoy the journey with every step you take.

Knowing yourself is essential to walking towards a better version of yourself. And to reach this self-knowledge you must take the time to connect with your beliefs, with your thoughts, with your feelings and with what you essentially are; beyond the expectations that others have placed on you, or you, have placed on yourself.


First of all, you must learn to listen to yourself, to your inner self that lives in you and accompanies you every step you take. That inner voice that we can call intuition, conscience or self-reflection.

Second, you must learn to make good use of your freedom. Freedom in what refers to your internal process of autonomy, and not the mundane concept of being able to do what you “please”. True freedom consists of the possibility or the right that you have to choose each of the alternatives that are presented to you along your path; and to assume the cost of your decisions.

In order to reach your destination and not get lost along the way, it is important that you know how to differentiate what is important from what is banal; you need to be patient with yourself and know how to prioritize. It is simply a matter of focusing, putting yourself in order and in balance, letting yourself flow…

On the other hand, there can be no room for personal fulfillment, without the ability to feel loved; and at the same time, love in an intense, selfless and committed way. Your personal relationships are very important, as they are a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

Choose your travel companions well, and do it preferably with the heart. We live in a demanding, competitive and absorbing society; that many times prevents us from really enjoying the people we love and who accompany us along our way. We live fast, in a rush, and always looking for immediate well-being or pleasure. We live wanting to monopolize everything, and in that attempt, we lose both ourselves and others.

A vital step towards your best version and getting on the path of knowing yourself and achieving your maximum potential is the daily experience of living and making mistakes in the process. Awaken your creative side and do not be afraid of mistakes, these are almost always the main source of our growth. In this way, you will always feel motivated, which helps you grow even more and enriches yourself day by day. Invest every second of your time in seeking and achieving the best for yourself and for the people you love.

It would be impossible to pretend that when traveling this long road that we call life, we will not encounter difficult moments or adverse situations. And it is very likely that sometimes you feel that the easiest thing is to abandon your goals and forget your objectives. When that happens, you must stop to listen to yourself, to discover what is holding you back, and what you must get rid of in order to move forward.

Think of it as starting over, but taking what you have learned along the way, learning from your mistakes and facing the new challenges that life throws at you. It is trusting in your abilities, in your learning and in all the possibilities that life offers you to achieve your goals.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to if you persevere, if you are tenacious, if you abandon urgency and opt for patience and creativity, if you are consistent with your own desires.

And finally, on the way to your best version, never forget to smile. Despite the difficulties, the limitations or the tests you have to go through. Laughter and smiling have a healing effect. Smile when it’s easy for you, but also smile when it’s hard for you. Learn that it depends only on you that nothing ruins your joy. Share your smile generously, unconditionally and indiscriminately. Always smile throughout your walk…


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